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"This is the 'Sgt. Pepper' of Scripture memory albums. Beautifully and lovingly recorded. You'll want to play it over and over again and your Scripture knowledge will soar as a result!"
     Mike Rimmer, Cross Rhythms

Rick Altizer-Pop Symphonies
Scripture Memory Songs for Adults
Rick Altizer-The Rise & Fall of $AM
Polictical Concept Album
Dum Dog Run-
Still Dum After All These Years
My "Guys Night Out" Band
Rick Altizer-Blue Plate Special
My Debut Record
Rick Altizer-Neon Fixation
My 2nd Record 
Rick Altizer-Go Nova
My 3rd  Record
Rick Altizer-All Tie Zur
My 4th album - Power Pop
Dum Dog Run
The Original Monsters of Rock
The Logoz
Scripture Memory For Kids
Featuring Marc Martel on Vocals